The latest club to join the US Box Lacrosse Association (USBOXLA), the country’s leading box lacrosse-specific governing body, is New Jersey’s O2 Oxygen Lacrosse, led by Don Bosco Prep Head Coach, Brendan Gorman.

While known for his field lacrosse accolades at a variety of levels, Gorman has spent the better part of the last decade involved in the world of box lacrosse as well. The O2 coach knows firsthand what box training can provide his players on the field.

“At O2, we’ve recognized how influential the box game has been for the development of Canadian lacrosse players and now a new generation of American lacrosse players,” said Gorman. “We feel adding a box component will only help our players have more success and maximize their potential in the field game.

“I was very fortunate to play for some of the best coaches in Canada and fell in love with the game. I want to see more American players rising up in the box game.”

After playing for Elmira College, and even playing rugby at UNLV, Gorman would soon discover the benefits of box lacrosse, later founding the Chicago Outlaws (BLL, formally known as MLA, MILA and CILL) and even captaining the Irish National Team’s box lacrosse side.

“I want to see more American players rising up in the box game.” – Brendan Gorman

O2 Oxygen Lacrosse athletes will now join a USBOXLA movement that includes over 13,000 American players, coaches and officials, with clubs based all over the country.

Dedicated to provide their players with the best training possible, Gorman said making the decision to join the association was an easy one. “We choose USBOXLA because of the unparalleled success they have had in box development and education of the game,” said Gorman. “USBOXLA’s members include some of the best club teams in the country.

“They have opened doors for the American box player. We look forward to a long-term relationship with USBOXLA.”

O2’s box training started earlier this summer, with additional camps and leagues scheduled for the remainder of this month, the fall and winter. Take a look at the rest of their upcoming box schedule and visit for more information on USBOXLA’s newest member.

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