The summer of 2016 proved to be the biggest summer of box lacrosse in the United States, well, maybe ever.

Right now, the US Box Lacrosse Association has nearly nine thousand members, which means more youth are playing the sport, more coaches are instructing it and more officials are making it safe – the right way.

In addition to hosting the biggest USBOXLA Nationals to date this past August, USBOXLA also sent more players to Canada to compete at various events than any previous year in the association’s seven successful years.

Although we’re still a few months away from 2017, planning for next year’s Team USBOXLA tour has already started. Do you want to represent the US against some of Canada’s top box lacrosse players and teams? Are you up for the challenge? Keep reading to find out how you can compete in Canada next year while suiting up for Team USBOXLA – the country’s most prestigeous box lacrosse team.



Team USBOXLA represents the absolute best US-born lacrosse talent currently competing in the country. The program, which includes pee wee, bantam, midget and U18 teams, was a shared vision of USBOXLA co-founders Matt Brown and Shaydon Santos when the association was first established in 2010.

Over the last several summers, these teams have traveled to Canada and competed against the country’s best in exhibition and tournament play. No other program anywhere in the US provides their players with this level of experience, exposure and elite game play. These players are highly skilled, American-based box lacrosse pioneers who are showing the world that US youth not only play real box lacrosse, they do it well too.

In 2017, youth teams will again be competing at the Trevor Wingrove Memorial Tournament in Coquitlam, British Columbia and during the USBOXLA Nationals All-Star Game. Team USBOXLA U18 will take part in the #bctour – a demanding week-long schedule competing against top B.C. Intermediate ‘A’ teams in iconic Canadian box lacrosse cities like New Westminster, Coquitlam and Victoria.

Last year’s teams were coached by Jeff Zywicki, Dan Coates, Jamie Shewchuk, John Gallant, Allie George, Greg Bice, Ben Prepchuk, David Mather, Elliott Bender, Brown and Santos.



Youth Team USBOXLA
Players interested in being considered for Team USBOXLA Pee Wee (06/05), Bantam (04/03) or Midget (02/01) teams can apply online.

This year, USBOXLA will be holding ID camps in Seattle (Dec. 22/16), Philadelphia (Dec. 28/16) and Columbus (Feb. 20/17). Players unable to attend can still apply online to be considered.

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“Last year interest in playing for Team USBOXLA at every age group was at an all-time high,” said Santos. “Players from virtually every state in the country applied last year. The interest was truly something else.”

In 2017, players from USBOXLA-traditional states like California, Colorado, Ohio and Pennslyvania found Team USBOXLA roster spots, but states like Arizona, Utah and even Navada were also represented.

“This year we’ve added U18 ID camps in the west, east and midwest,” said Santos. “We strongly encourage players to attend these camps, two of which will take place during a pair of our biggest USBOXLA-sanctioned tournaments in Philadelphia and Columbus. If you can’t attend but still want to be considered, we’d love to hear from you. We want 2017 to be the biggest, best and most challenging summer for Team USBOXLA in our association’s history.”



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