usboxla_academy_backstage 600In its quest to produce top level youth talent that can compete against Canada’s very best box lacrosse players, the US Box Lacrosse Association (USBOXLA) launches its most ambitious project yet.

Continuing its path to develop the box game using USBOXLA’s 4 Pillar Approach, USBOXLA launches its cutting-edge, on-line training and certification programs… the USBOXLA Academy Backstage PASS.

USBOXLA’s 4 Pillar Approach to developing the box game focuses on the following facets:

  • Player development through the USBOXLA Academy
  • Coaching development
  • Referee development
  • Game development

Both USBOXLA coach and referee certification programs were previously done live, but as membership grows well beyond 5,000 American-born players, USBOXLA needed a scalable training platform that is easily accessible and can keep the costs down for new USBOXLA programs.

“Its been a few years in the making and it’s going to revolutionize the box game here in the US,” says USBOXLA President Shaydon Santos. “The only way to move the game and its players forward is the USBOXLA 4 Pillar Approach and the USBOXLA Academy Backstage PASS. This platform is a complete game changer.

“We’re a decade of hard work away from beating the best Canadian clubs at their game, but the USBOXLA Academy Backstage PASS will push us into overdrive. It will allow more people to access the game, play it safely and move the game from it’s current state of indoor field lacrosse recreational leagues to the sport played north of the border.”

Santos, who co-founded USBOXLA in 2010 with University of Denver associate head coach Matt Brown, is thrilled about where this breakthrough digital platform will take the game in coming years.

“We’re a volunteer non-profit organization and we needed a solution to grow our membership to ten thousand and beyond,” added Santos. “The USBOXLA Academy Educational Platform will deliver. We started our beta tests in May and have successfully certified over 120 coaches and referees here in California with our over one thousand USBOXLA California players.”

Brown’s Denver based box program and the National Lacrosse League’s Colorado Mammoth have teamed up to create a 650 plus player box lacrosse league that begins this upcoming winter at the Lacrosse Training Center (LXTC). The supersized league will mark the second large market to take advantage of the USBOXLA Academy Backstage PASS to train and certify their coaches and referees.

“This is a very professional platform, something we needed to further standardize the game and push it forward for our Colorado players,” said Brown. “Each year the players we directly work with in LXTC become better and better at box and this platform will allow more people to join the game and play it right.”

“The American market really needs to understand that there’s more to box lacrosse than just renting a rink or including a Canadian flag in their marketing. There’s an entire game behind it and the US Box Lacrosse Association is here to help these clubs move the game towards how we grew up playing it in Canada.”

The USBOXLA sanctioning process also gets revamped for potential directors with a new streamlined process. Whether you’re an existing indoor league, field lacrosse club or sports facility the new sanctioning process is quick and easy and will have approved directors taking their online training and certification courses in minutes. Once directors complete their training courses, they are given the tools to immediately start building their staff of certified USBOXLA coaches and referees.

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