2017 Official Age Groups (based on year of birth, month does not matter)

Novice (08/07)
Pee Wee (06/05)
Bantam (04/03)
Midget (02/01)
HS Elite (00/99)

Overaged Players

We understand that some players may be smaller in size, female (playing on a “male” team), or teams may need to simply fill a roster and take an older player(s). PLEASE IDENTIFY ANY OVERAGED PLAYERS ON YOUR ROSTER WITH THE WORD ‘AGE’ AFTER THEIR LAST NAME ON ROSTER SHEET. Not having this listed on your roster will result in an automatic disqualification. “Impact” players playing in a lower aged division (“Impact” player is determined by USBOXLA Rules Committee) will result in an immediate disqualification from the tournament. Each team may only have a maximum of 2 overaged players on its roster. The high calibre of play and competitiveness of the USBOXLA Nationals must be protected by having equally aged participants.

Roster Requirements

Each player must be a member of the USBOXLA including Canadian players. All rosters will be verified and each player must be given a unique jersey number for the tournament.

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